IFMBE Conference Proceedings


Authors whose abstracts have been accepted are invited to publish their full papers as part of the IFMBE Conference Proceedings published by SpringerNature. There are no extra fees involved in this process.

The IFMBE Conference Proceedings book series is indexed by SCOPUS and by EI Compendex and is expected to be made available to Congress participants during the Congress.

Important Notes Before Submitting Full Papers

  • Springer is a STM-signatory publishers. If authors are reusing materials from other STM publishers in this Springer publications, please check the STM permissions guidelines as well as the complete list of STM publishers at here.
  • Springer Ethical Policies
    For research involving human participation, for example, it is recommend to add a sentence in the paper explaining that ethical approval was obtained and specify by which committee e.g. All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and/or national research committee (include name of committee + reference number)
  • Files to be submitted for publication:
    • the source files of the paper (including Word OR LaTeX, and figure files submitted separately)
    • the PDF of the paper
    • The copyright form will be generated by the system with all the necessary information, so the authors do not need to upload the form.
    • email address of the corresponding authors included in the paper

Preparing for Full Paper Submission

  • Author may choose to work with Word or LaTeX. You may download the Word template here and the LaTeX template here.
  • SpringerNature guidelines for authors may be downloaded here and information can be found here.
  • The usage of these templates is not mandatory. Alternatively, you may either use a blank Word document or the standard LaTeX book class (for monographs) or article class (for individual contributions) and apply the default settings and styles (e.g., for heading styles, lists, footnotes, etc.).
  • Please prepare the chapter in one-column format.
  • Each chapter should begin with an abstract that summarizes its content in no more than 200 words. The abstract will appear online at SpringerLink and be available with unrestricted access to facilitate online searching, using e.g. Google, and allow unregistered users to read the abstract as a teaser for the complete chapter.
  • For authors working with word: please avoid inserting equations as graphic files. Use the Math function of Word 2003 or 2007, MathType or Microsoft Equation Editor to create your equations.
  • Please include all affiliations and e-mail addresses (or at least the email address of the corresponding author) in the chapter you submit to the book editors. The e-mail addresses will be used by SpringerNature to provide authors with a personal account where they can download a free copy of the eBook upon publication.
  • Permissions for any material authors want to reuse from previous publication should be obtained by the corresponding publisher they want to reuse. Authors can GET PERMISSION online by using RightsLink Moreover, Springer is a STM signatory publisher. Other signatory publishers and their guidelines for permission can be found at
  • Springer self-archiving policy for non-open access book and chapters can be found at Please check the one for books and book chapters by clicking on “Self-archiving for non-open access books and chapters.