WC2022 Programme Overview

(updated at 8 June 2022)
Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Activity Heliconia Main Ballroom Hibiscus 3602 Hibiscus 3604 Hibiscus 3606 Hibiscus 3702 Hibiscus 3704 Hibiscus 3706
0730 onwards Registration (0730 onwards) and Coffee Break (1000-1100)
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1100 - 1230 Opening Ceremony
Presentation of IUPESM, IFMBE and IOMP Awards Ceremony
1230 - 1330 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1330 - 1400 IUPESM Congress Lecture:
Materials for the FutureSir Konstantin Novoselov, Singapore
1400 - 1430 MP Plenary Lecture 1:
Building and Clinically Translating New Technology for Cancer Imaging and Targeted Radiation TherapyProf Paul Keall, Australia
1430 - 1500 Plenary Lecture 2:
Bioengineering Approaches to Heal the Body and Detect Diseases EarlierProf Molly Stevens, UK
1500 - 1630 IFMBE Toh Siew Lok BME Student Design Award Symposium Oral Presentations Special Symposium 1
Materials for Immuno-engineering
Special Symposium 2
Wearable Health Technology (Part 1)
Special Symposium 3
Confinement Mechanobiology
Special Symposium 4
Engineering Biology - A Primer
Special Symposium 5
Hot Topics in X-ray Imaging Radiation Protection
Special Symposium 6
The Past, Present and Future of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
1630 - 1800 IFMBE Young Investigator Award Symposium Oral Presentations (Session 1) Special Symposium 7
Soft Robotics in Healthcare
Special Symposium 8
Wearable Health Technology (Part 2)
Special Symposium 9
Cyber-medical Systems and Robot-assisted Surgery
Special Symposium 10
Testing Physics in Clinical Trials
Special Symposium 11
Planned New Recommendations of ICRP
Education Session 1
IOMP School: Advances in Radiation Therapy Dosimetry
1800 - 1930 IOMP Best Presentation Award Symposium Oral Presentations Special Symposium 12
Bioelectronic Technologies, Diagnostics and Therapies
Special Symposium 13
Computer Simulation in Medical Devices Development
Oral Session 1.1
BioMechanics and Mechanobiology
Special Symposium 14
Scientific and Strategic Leadership in Medical Physics - We Need Both!
Special Symposium 15
Current Knowledge of Radiobiological Aspects of Novel Treatment Techniques
Education Session 2
16th ACOMP Course:
Proton Therapy
1930 - 2030 WC2022 Welcome ReceptionMCassia Main Ballroom, Level 3