WC2022 Programme Overview

(updated at 8 June 2022)
Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Activity Heliconia Main Ballroom Hibiscus 3602 Hibiscus 3604 Hibiscus 3606 Hibiscus 3702 Hibiscus 3704 Hibiscus 3706
0730 onwards Registration
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
0830 - 1000 0830-0915
Meet the Expert:
PTW Asia Pacific 
IFMBE Young Investigator Award Symposium Oral Presentations (Session 2) Oral Session 2.1
BioMechanics and Mechanobiology
Education Session 3
Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of Medical Devices - The Role of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering
Education Session 4
Academic Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned From Those Who Have Tried and Succeeded
Education Session 5
IOMP School:
Advances in Radiation Therapy
Education Session 6
17th ACOMP Course:
Update on ICRP Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
1000 - 1030 Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1030 - 1100 Plenary Lecture 3:
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowProf Xing Lei, USA
1100 - 1130 Plenary Lecture 4:
AI Applications in Healthcare: Lessons from the FrontlineProf Tien Yin Wong, Singapore
1130 - 1230 IFMBE Awardee Oral PresentationJohn A. Hopps Distinguished Service Award
Laura Bassi Award I
1230 - 1330 Lunch Symposium Satellite:
Varian Medical Sys Pacific
Lunch Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1330 - 1500 IFMBE Awardee Oral PresentationOtto Schmitt Award
Vladimir K. Zworykin Award
Laura Bassi Award II
Special Symposium 16
Advances in Sensing and Digital Health
Special Symposium 17
Extracellular Vesicles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
Special Symposium 18
Medical Physics Education - Certification to Registration
Special Symposium 19
Leadership and Collaboration in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering - Women Leaders
Oral Session 2.2
Clinical Engineering
Oral Session 2.3
Radiation Dosimetry
1500 - 1530 Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1530 - 1700 WC2028 Bid Presentation Special Symposium 20
Advances in Liquid Biopsies
Special Symposium 21
Ubiquitous Electroencephalography
Oral Session 2.4
Healthcare Analytics, Big Data and AI
Special Symposium 22
Small Field Dosimetry from TRS-483 to TG-155
Special Symposium 23
Biomedical Advances in Micro-, Nano- and Digital Technologies
Oral Session 2.5
Radiation Dosimetry
1700 - 1830 Special Symposium 24
Cardiovascular Biomechanics in Precision
IFMBE Council of Societies (CoS)By Invitation only Oral Session 2.6
Oral Session 2.7
Healthcare Analytics, Big Data and AI
Oral Session 2.8
BioMechanics and Mechanobiology
Oral Session 2.9
Innovations Against COVID-19 and Other Human Diseases
Oral Session 2.10
Radiation Dosimetry
1830 - 1900