WC2022 Programme Overview

(updated at 8 June 2022)
Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Activity Heliconia Main Ballroom Hibiscus 3602 Hibiscus 3604 Hibiscus 3606 Hibiscus 3702 Hibiscus 3704 Hibiscus 3706
0730 onwards Registration
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
0830 - 1000 0830-0915
Meet the Expert:
Education Session 7
IFMBE CED Benefit of our Extensive Hacking Repository Collection for Global Research
Special Symposium 25
Organ Doses from Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures: Necessity and Feasibility
Special Symposium 26
Material Systems for Quantitative Mechanobiology
Oral Session 3.1
Bioelectronics and Electroceuticals
Education Session 8
Advances in In-Vivo Dosimetry for External Beam Radiotherapy (Sun Nuclear)
Education Session 9
18th ACOMP Course:

Quality & Safety in SBRT

MLC Tracking: Clinical Rationale, Clinical Experience, Guidelines & Future Directions
1000 - 1030 Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1030 - 1100 Plenary Lecture 5
Innovative High-Throughput Tissue Engineering Strategies for Better Understanding and Optimizing Biomaterial/Cell InteractionsProf Rui Reis, Portugal
1100 - 1130 Plenary Lecture 6
(SEAFOMP John Cameron Memorial Lecture): Photon-counting-detector CT Technology and Clinical ApplicationsProf Cynthia H. McCollough, USA
1230 - 1330 Lunch Symposium Satellite:
Elekta Instrument AB
Lunch Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1330 - 1500 IOMP Awardee PresentationM Curie Award
Harold Johns Medal
Education Session 10
Clinical Engineers Advocating for Single Global Nomenclature
Special Symposium 28
Frontiers of Multifunctional Biomedical Ultrasound Technologies
Special Symposium 29
Diagnostic Reference Levels
Special Symposium 30
AI in Radiotherapy
Oral Session 3.2
Radiation Therapy Physics
Oral Session 3.3
1500 - 1530 Coffee Break Area, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Cassia Main Ballroom, Level 3
1530 - 1700 IUPESM Awardee Oral Presentation Special Symposium 31
Ethical Issues in Biomedical Engineering
Oral Session 3.4
Special Symposium 32
Advances and Current Trends in Hybrid PET Imaging
Oral Session 3.5
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Physics
Oral Session 3.6
Radiation Therapy Physics
Oral Session 3.7
1700 - 1830 1730-1945IFMBE General Assembly Special Symposium 33
Science Diplomacy for Future Advancement in Medical Physics
Special Symposium 34
Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence: Data Driven Decision Making for the Care and Health of the Future
Special Symposium 35
Are Many Patients Getting High Doses Over 100 mSv and What Can Be Done?
Oral Session 3.8
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Physics
Oral Session 3.9
Radiation Therapy Physics
Oral Session 3.10
2030 - 2230 IFMBE Presidential & CoS Reception By Invitation only